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Your local Burgers and Taco is: Leicester, 43 Abbey Street, LE1 3TE.

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Burgers and Taco

Our Story

Inspired by friends whilst on their travels, Burgers and Taco is a mouth-watering menu rooted in the heart of Mexico and downtown America. Using only fresh ingredients and bold spices, our menu captivates the essence of authentic dining and takeaway. We're not called Burgers & Taco for nothing! With a range of delicious burgers to try, you won't be left feeling hungry. Order yours now.

From Birria Taco’s to classic American smash burgers; Jarrito’s to thick milkshakes; we have you covered! So whether you’re coming as a family, a group of friends or for a special occasion be sure to try Burgers & Taco and have the perfect casual dine-in experience or takeaway.

It is Simmental and tender fall-apart juicy beef or chicken that melts in your mouth.

The bridge between the two continents! Burgers and Taco give you a refreshing taste of both continents.

See you soon Amigos

Delicious loaded fries from Burgers and Taco
Tasty Birria Burger from Burgers and Taco
Tasty Chicken Wings from Burgers and Taco
Delicious Mexican rice from Burgers and Taco

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